Super Scooper

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As much as we love our cats, we don’t love cleaning their litter box. It isn’t enjoyable, takes too much time and smells disgusting. But fortunately for all cat parents the Super Scooper is the perfect solution! This powerful 2-in-1 device makes cleaning your litter box a breeze. 

Solve all your litter box scooping problems with just one tool. The built in trash canister allows you to scoop and bag waste in one simple motion. Scoop your cat’s litter box in record time and make daily cleaning more convenient.


Quick and Efficient: Use only one tool to clean your litter box with just a flick of your wrist

💩Minimize Mess: Easily transfer waste directly to the built in trash bag compartment 

💪Durable and Non-Toxic: Made of non-toxic, lightweight and tough ABS and PP resin material