Meow Motion Teaser

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Cats are natural hunters and explorers. Without engaging activities, they may become bored, lethargic, or even develop behavioral issues. Meow Motion is designed to ensure your cat stays mentally and physically stimulated. 

Don't let your pet succumb to boredom – Meow Motion provides the essential interactive play your cat craves. It also prevents potential health issues for couch potatoes and is a healthy outlet for high energy kitties. Invest in the well-being of your cat now and make playtime fulfilling and exciting!

💖 Includes unique attachments - Designed to stimulate different aspects of your cat's natural instincts

🚪 Adjustable for standard doors - Seamlessly fits into your home environment with an adjustable hinge for different door thicknesses

🔋 Rechargeable - Just slide the toy off the door hook to recharge so your cat can enjoy endless fun

*Please be sure to supervise your cat when playing with toys with moving parts*