Blazing Bullet Ball

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Without consistent mental and physical exercise cats can develop life threatening issues. One of the most important things you can do for your cat is to give them engaging toys to stimulate their body and mind.

This self-rolling ball is designed to engage a cat's natural drive to hunt.  It promotes safe, healthy, and engaging exercise by stimulating the body and mind of your cat. It is designed to eliminate boredom, anxiety, aggression and behavioral issues. 

It keeps your cat entertained with a smart setting that makes the ball move when it is interacted with. When encountering obstacles the ball is equipped with a smart sensor to reverse on its own for endless playtime.


🧠 Smart Moving Technology: Automatically reverses after encountering obstacles using an integrated motion sensor.

💪🏻 Durable: Manufactured with non-toxic plastic for the perfect blend of strength and peace of mind for pet owners.

🔋 Efficient & Safe Charging:  Charges quickly using the included USB-C charging cord. Charging port is protected by a tab to keep your cat safe.

2 count and included charging cable