Interactive Turbo Ball

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This newly innovated cat toy is designed with the most important concerns of cat owners in mind. The technologically advanced motor is engineered to run quietly and stay charged for longer playtime. It promotes safe, healthy, and engaging exercise by stimulating the body and mind of your cat.

Two settings can be activated after turning on by long holding the on button. Intelligent mode, which is indicated by a blue light, turns the ball on for 5 minutes and the ball automatically turns back on when it is hit. Normal mode, which is indicated by a green light, turns the ball on for 5 minutes and turns off.


 🏎💨 Unpredictable Movement: Lures your cat in with fast prey-like movements. This effectively increases the amount of healthy exercise that your cat gets.

💪🏻 Durable: Manufactured with non-toxic plastic for the perfect blend of strength and peace of mind for pet owners.

🔋Efficient & Safe Charging: Plug the ball in to charge quickly using the included USB-C charging cord. Charging port is protected by a tab to keep your cat safe.