Crawling Crab Cat Toy

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Cats are known for their keen intelligence and natural hunting instincts. In the wild, they would spend their days exploring, stalking prey, and engaging in physical activities.

However, indoor cats can often face a lack of these opportunities, leading to boredom, lethargy, and behavioral issues.


The Crawling Crab provides a fun mental challenge, preventing boredom and promoting mental alertness. With life-like movements and a smart sensor that detects obstacles the Crawling Crab is designed to pique your cat's interest. This provides them an outlet for their natural hunting instincts and encourages them to stalk, pounce, and play, just like they would in the wild. 

🤖 Smart sensor technology

🦀 Crawls and scuttles like a real crab 

🎵 Plays music to catch your cat's attention