Craving Catnip Ball

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The life of a common house-cat can become monotonous and boring without the constant stimulation of the natural world that their feline ancestors had. Transport your cat to a stimulating, carefree and happy world with the Craving Catnip Ball. It provides a healthy outlet for natural cat behaviors, like chewing and biting, so these behaviors don’t becomes an issue in the form of aggression and destruction around the home. 

When cats catch a whiff of the tantalizing smell of catnip they won’t be able to get enough of this toy. Give your cat a plant-based outlet that quickly and efficiently helps curb anxiety, depression and stress. It also aids in digestion for a healthy gut, increased exercise leading to a healthier weight and improved sleep. 

🦷 Improved Oral Hygiene: Effectively reduces cat’s dental plaque and tartar while freshening breath

😸 Enhanced Mood: Catnip boosts the attitude and mood of your cat for overall better health

🌱Natural & Non-Toxic: Made of pure, natural plant extracts and NO chemical additives or fillers