Why cats need scratching posts?

Why cats need scratching posts?

Still wondering why do cats scratch?

Scratching is a completely natural habit for any cat, regardless of age or breed. Here are some of the most common reasons for cats to scratch and claw.

Keeping their claws sharp. Your cat’s claws are its primary weapon when it is threatened or attacked, or pouncing on its own prey. Felines are predatory by nature, so it is habitual for them to want to keep them as sharp and useful as possible.

Marking their territory. When your cat scratches something it leaves some of its own scents in those scratches. This is because small secretions of watery sweat come from the pads in her paws and filter down into the scratches. By scratching it is marking its territory and warning any other animals that come across them that they are in her domain.

To stretch and flex. Cats spend a lot of time lying down and chilling. So it is only natural that when they do get up they want to enjoy a good stretch. Digging their claws is a way for them to fully flex their body.

Out of boredom. Many people don’t realize that felines need mental stimulation to keep them happy. Boredom is one of the leading causes of behavior problems, and if your pet’s mind is not kept active, it may resort to scratching the things around them.


Why a scratching post is important?

Although scratching is normal and to be expected, it can be very frustrating to come home from work and find that your adorable little cat has taken its claws to your curtains, couch, carpet, or furniture. Nevertheless, it is important to realize that your fur baby isn’t scratching your stuff because it is mad at you and punishment isn’t going to improve the situation.

Instead, by providing your feline friend with a scratching post, you are giving them a safe space where it can fulfill its natural desire to scratch without fear of being reprimanded. A scratching post is an essential tool that allows our cats to effectively reduce their stress levels, burn off any excess energy, reap enjoyment and keep their claws sharp and healthy, all from one accessory!

Getting them used to the scratching post

It is perfectly normal for a cat to be extremely suspicious of anything new in their home, including its new scratching post. This is because they won’t immediately realize what it is for and that it is actually a wonderfully beneficial tool for her instincts and enjoyment.

The easiest way to get your kitty to accept the post is to hold her and run her paws down it. This will transfer some of her scent on to it, making it smell safe and familiar to her. You may need to repeat this process several times. Place the post in front of the place in your home where your cat previously liked to scratch the most. If you catch your fur baby trying to scratch elsewhere, gently pick them up, and place them next to the scratching post and run their paws down it again. Some owners attach toys or feathers to the post to encourage their kitty to play, while others sprinkle catnip around the post as another incentive. After a short while, your feline should start to prefer to use the scratching post and should cease to use her claws in other parts of your home.