Smart Sensing Snake FAQs

Smart Sensing Snake FAQs

🤔 How to Assemble:


    🤔 How to Play:

    1. Turn on the Smart Sensing Snake using the black on/off switch located on its underside.
    2. Gently place the snake on a smooth surface, ensuring there are no obstacles in its way.
    3. Use your hands or other objects to interact with the snake's sensors. Watch as it reacts to touch, moving in realistic and unpredictable ways.
    4. Enjoy the mesmerizing LED lights as the snake glides across the floor, providing entertainment for everyone in the room.
    5. When done playing, turn off the snake using the power switch or let it enter auto-sleep mode to conserve battery life.




    Unleash the excitement with our Smart Sensing Snake, the cutting-edge electronic pet that brings joy, entertainment, and a touch of the wild into your home! This innovative and interactive snake toy is perfect for all ages, providing endless hours of fun and laughter for both kids and adults alike.