5 Ways to Support your Cats Mental Health

5 Ways to Support your Cats Mental Health

Show your cat how much you appreciate them by doing everything you can to support their mental health!

If you have a cat, you are well aware of the advantages of feline affection and companionship. Did you know that sharing your life with a cat may be associated with better psychological health? People who own cats report fewer negative emotions and fewer feelings of loneliness or isolation than those who do not own cats. Cuddling with your cat even stimulates the release of oxytocin, the "love hormone" associated with happiness and emotional well-being. Because our cats help us so much, it only makes sense that we want them to feel their best! Here are a few ideas to help your cat's mental health as much as they help yours.


Keep your cat on a regular schedule

Cats enjoy following a routine. Giving your cat a routine helps their mental health because it makes them feel safe and secure. If you must change your cat's regular routine, do so gradually.


Offer options to keep your cat from getting bored

Cats need mental stimulation just as much as people do! If you have an indoor cat, make sure they have plenty of things to keep them entertained. There are a plethora of cat toys to choose from. If you spend a lot of time away from home, you could try puzzle treat dispensers or interactive cat toys that your cat can activate on their own. You can also bring the great outdoors inside by allowing your cat to watch cat-specific videos. Keeping your cat stimulated will benefit their mental health (and keep them out of mischief while you're away).


Make sure they have something to scratch

Scratching is a natural part of being a cat. It's a natural behavior that allows them to express their emotions, whether they're happy, sad, or stressed. Scratching also allows cats to mark their scent because their paws contain scent glands. Making sure your cat has something to scratch benefits their mental health simply by allowing them to do what they do naturally.


Ensure they get exercise

Physical exercise, like mental stimulation, is critical for both humans and animals. Exercise is important not only for keeping your cat physically fit but also for supporting its mental health. Your feline friend may become depressed if they do not get enough exercise. Make sure your cat gets some exercise every day, whether you throw a ball around the house or train them to walk on a leash like a dog.


Give the love you get

When we reciprocate our cats' love and affection, our stress, loneliness, and sadness decrease or disappear. Giving your cat the love you give them can foster a close bond, providing them with the trust and security they require to live a happy, fulfilling, and satisfied life.